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Coronation Street 09/02 - A knock on the door stuns Owen

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Coronation Street 09/02 - A knock on the door stuns Owen

Coronation Street Episode Guide – Monday 9th February


Episode One

When Katy finds Faye bunking off school, she explains to Katy how she’s being bullied as the girls say she’s fat. She also admits to buying cigarettes with her dinner money in the hope they’ll make her lose weight. Katy’s horrified. Worried about Faye, Anna and Owen quiz Craig. Under pressure, Craig reveals she’s bunking off because she’s being bullied. They confront Faye but upset she rushes to her room. As Anna, Owen, Katy and Izzy discuss Faye’s situation, they’re interrupted by the door. Owen answers it and is horrified to find his ex-wife Linda on the doorstep!

As Ken and Liz make plans for Amy’s birthday party, they agree that a family get together will be good for Steve. Steve presents a delighted Amy with a pair of roller boots. But when Steve and Michelle suggest it’s time they set off for her birthday meal, Amy refuses to go.

Gavin’s consumed with guilt as he visits Michael in hospital. Meanwhile at Michael’s bedside Gail tells him she can’t imagine life without him and suggests they get married as soon as they can. How will Michael respond to her proposal?

Sally’s horrified when one of Sharif’s chickens escapes into her garden.

Episode Two

Linda pushes her way in and introduces herself. Katy’s stunned to realise Linda is her mother. Linda’s shocked to see that Izzy’s in a wheelchair but Izzy angrily points out that had she not abandoned them, she’d have known. Linda tries to defend herself but seeing how upset the girls are, Anna insists she leaves. Handing Katy her phone number, Linda heads to the door, accusing Owen of lying to the girls and letting them believe she didn’t want anything to do with them. Knowing she’s right, Owen conceals his guilt. Is Linda about to blow his family apart?

Under pressure from Tracy and Ken, Amy reluctantly agrees to go for her birthday meal with Steve and Michelle. Steve’s clearly cheered by this and Liz, Michelle and Tracy are pleased to see a flash of the old Steve. When Steve then thanks Michelle for a lovely evening and kisses her, will Michelle respond?

Concerned that Gail’s taking on too much, Audrey and Nick offer to organise her wedding for her.

As Dev enthuses about his trip to Mumbai and how he’s looking forward to the charity work, Julie begs him not to go, admitting she’ll miss him terribly. Will Dev agree to cancel his trip? Sharif’s thrilled to find his hens have laid their first egg but is all as it seems?

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