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Coronation Street 09/11 - Maria Makes A Terrifying Discovery

by Pascale Day ,
Coronation Street 09/11 - Maria Makes A Terrifying Discovery

Coronation Street Episode Guide – Wednesday 9th November.


Maria is horrified to realise Caz bought a laptop from a shop only yards from Pablo’s flat, proving she followed her to London. Meanwhile, Kate rows with Aidan and Eva; she’s angry with them for taking Maria’s side. Determined to prove her innocence, Maria and Aidan search homeless centres in the hope of finding Caz, convinced she’s still alive, but things go from bad to worse when the police point out that the fact Caz knew about her illegal marriage gave Maria a motive to kill her. After a futile search for Caz, Aidan and Maria return to the salon flat, their feelings for one another evident. But as Maria opens her hairdressing bag, she’s horrified to find her scissors covered in blood. Terrified and helpless to the fact she is being set up, what will Maria do?

When Gary compliments her on her new hair do, Bethany’s quietly thrilled, convinced he fancies her. Knowing Nick’s flat is empty for the evening, Bethany invites Gary for dinner. Gary accepts, assuming Sarah will be there too.

Having had her ears syringed and able to hear again, a relieved Eileen leaves the medical centre with Phelan. Masking his guilt, Phelan tells Eileen how much he cares for her. Elsewhere, Michael’s suspicions are heightened when he watches Phelan and Vinny in the Rovers discussing their nefarious plan, but what exactly has he heard?

Luke almost reverses a car into Tracy who drops her phone and it smashes. Wincing in pain, Anna uses crutches for the first time. Yasmeen dumps Sharif’s belongings outside No.6. Alya’s hurt to find out from Sally that Sharif has bolted.​​​

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