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Coronation Street 13/12 – Kylie is worried David wants to commit suicide

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Coronation Street 13/12 – Kylie is worried David wants to commit suicide© ITV Pictures

Coronation Street Episode Guide – Friday 13th December


Episode One

Gail is miserable after her decision to choose Nick, and Leanne tells Nick that sending David away isn’t going to make him any better. David tells Kylie that he won’t need any belongings where he’s going, and Kylie’s mind immediately jumps to suicide, but Nick has other ideas as to what David could mean…

Julie tries to comprehend Brian’s lies as Brian is furious at himself for hiding the truth from her. He tries to explain why he doesn’t want to foster, but where will the two of them go from there?

Dev struggles with his new fitness regime, but is encouraged when Kal tells him how well he is doing.

Elsewhere, Dennis and Gloria plan the bistro night with Ritchie, but Rita isn’t too pleased, and an angry Marcus confronts Todd.

Episode Two

Nick realises that David intends to hand himself into the police, whilst an obviously upset Kylie gets obliterated at the Rovers, getting herself into a drunken, angry state. Nick feels guilty when he sees how upset Gail is at abandoning David, and although he feels nothing for David, he tries to dissuade David from handing himself in for Gail’s sake. Will David go through with it?

Brian tries to convince Julie to come to Wales with him. When Julie hears about the job offer, she is devastated to learn Brian could be such a terrible person. Whilst heartbroken, Julie tells him to take the job offer, and Brian wonders how things all went wrong.

Kal offers to help with Nick’s rehabilitation to a grateful Leanne, but Nick is rude and Kal quickly loses his patience.

Elsewhere, Ritchie asks Rita for her help, and sexy sparks fly between Todd and Marcus.

Kylie drinks away her feelings © ITV Pictures
Kylie drinks away her feelings
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