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Coronation Street 18/04 – Maria makes a pass at Tyrone

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Coronation Street 18/04 – Maria makes a pass at Tyrone© ITV Pictures

Coronation Street Episode Guide – Friday 18th April


Episode One

Maria is rude to customers so Audrey sends her home, then loses it with Eileen and Todd when they threaten to report her to the police for assault. Tyrone sees what’s happening and guides her home where Maria pours her heart out to him. When she leans in for a kiss, how will Tyrone react?

Carla tells Peter to go to rehab, leaving him humiliated. She gets Steve to babysit him and Peter is humiliated, determined that he doesn’t need a chaperone.

Rita’s shocked to hear that Dennis is in hospital after being beaten up. She visits him and tells him he has some explaining to do.

Fiz asks Kevin to keep an eye on Tyrone, Gail starts self-defence classes, and Deirdre’s worried when Tracy wants to talk to Tony about his cheap gear for the shop.

Episode Two

Maria apologises to Tyrone and sends him a gift for Ruby whilst texting him from her new phone. Tyrone immediately thinks it’s Kirsty and panics, but when Maria hears he’s got the wrong end of the stick, will she set him straight or use it to comfort him?

Rob tells Tracy, Liz and Steve has he thinks Peter is having an affair. Carla asks Tina to babysit Peter and tells him she loves him whilst he insists she’d be better off without him. As Carla and Peter leave for rehab, will his guilt finally tip him over the edge?

Rita doesn’t care when Dennis tells her how wrong it went with Gloria and that he’s now sleeping on the streets. However, she later lets him stay on her sofa, making it clear it’s only temporary.

Elsewhere, Tracy and Rob strike a deal with Tony to sell his knock-off goods in their shop. Mary tells Gail she’s also signed up for self-defence.

Maria tries to kiss Tyrone © ITV Pictures
Maria tries to kiss Tyrone
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