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Coronation Street 19/07 - Peter takes a huge risk to try and save face

by Esme Riley ,
Coronation Street 19/07 - Peter takes a huge risk to try and save face© ITV

Coronation Street Episode Guide - Friday 19th July


Episode 1

Carla and Michelle can't believe it when they hear that Rob and Tracy are planning to go into business together.

Meanwhile, determined to push Peter, Rob places £500 on an accumulator. Peter accepts the bet, but is aware he'll go bankrupt if Rob wins. Carla arrives, demanding to know what's going on.

Elsewhere, Sylvia asks Hayley why she's been so jumpy of late. Hayley spills to Sylvia that she's worried because she has to go for more tests. Sylvia covers for her as she heads off for an ultrasound.

Also, Eileen and Mandy put their heads together to try to get Paul and Lloyd talking again, while Mandy and Jenna argue over Jenna's wasted career.

Episode 2

Rob's ecstatic as his horse is announced the winner, while the colour drains from Peter's face. Rob demands his £35k, but Peter can't pay up. Rob threatens to sue, but Carla begs him not to involve the law.

Meanwhile, Deirdre comes close to discovering where Tracy got half of her cash when she walks in on Rob and Tracy rowing over him gambling with their joint money.

Elsewhere, Hayley's had her scan and the monographer tells her the doctor will be in touch. When she calls at the medical centre, she finds out she has a blockage in her bile duct. She demands the doctor tells her what this means.

Also, thanks to Eileen and Mandy, Paul begrudgingly apologises to Lloyd, who reluctantly accepts his apology.

Peter plays a dangerous game © ITV
Peter plays a dangerous game
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