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Coronation Street 2/3 - Will Aidan and Eva be caught red handed?

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Coronation Street 2/3 - Will Aidan and Eva be caught red handed?

Coronation Street Episode Guide – Wednesday 2rd March


Johnny reminds Aidan and Eva of the importance of their dinner date at the O’Driscolls as they’re crucial to the future of the factory. Eva tells Billy that she plans to used the evening to slip away from dinner and find Marta’s passport. Whilst dinner is served at the O’Driscolls, Eva sets about her mission. Aidan’s shocked to find Eva rifling through Julia’s office drawers. Pulling out a passport, Eva explains that it belongs to Marta and the O’Driscolls were keeping her as their slave. But as Richie and Julia enter the room will Eva be caught in the act?

Mary tells Erica it’s obvious she and Dev fancy each other and should stop pussy-footing about. When Dev shows off his new date, Karen from the Golf Club to Liz, she and Mary form a plan to scupper his evening. Introducing herself as Dev’s nanny, Mary tells Karen she’s just one in a long line of girlfriends as Dev is such a womaniser. As Karen leaves horrified, Erica approaches dressed to the nines and kisses him on the lips. Is it mission accomplished?

In the Rovers, Phelan flirts with Eileen while Michael seethes. Aware that Andy’s saving up for a holiday, Phelan offers him some labouring work and Andy gratefully accepts. Phelan’s pleased, knowing how annoyed Michael will be.

Sarah escorts Bethany to school and makes it clear she’ll be checking up on her from now until her exams. Tracy calls in the bistro and assuming her position of joint-owner, starts throwing her weight around and rubbing Gail, Andy, Steph and Leanne up the wrong way. How will Robert react when he hears about Tracy’s interference in the running of the business?

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