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Coronation Street 24/8 - Bethany Pushes Herself To the Extreme

by Pascale Day ,
Coronation Street 24/8 - Bethany Pushes Herself To the Extreme

Coronation Street Episode Guide – Wednesday 24rd August.


Bethany furtively pops some more diet pills. When Sarah mentions her forthcoming exam results, Bethany covers her unease. While Gary overseesCraig’s induction at the gym, Bethany pounds away on a running machine. Suddenly, Bethany collapses. Bethany regains consciousness and assures Gary she’s fine. Gary’s not convinced. Having found Bethany’s diet pills, Gary confronts her. Bethany snatches them from him and storms off.

Eva explains to Aidan that Leanne’s ditched her Liverpool plans so he won’t be able to move in after all. Aidan feigns disappointment. Nick calls on Leanne and asks her who the father of the baby is. Leanne lies, making out she had a one night stand with a stranger.Nick takes Leanne to the hospital and attends her first scan with her. When Tracy clocks Nick andLeanne leaving the maternity unit, she’s intrigued. Reaching a decision, Nick tells Leanne how much he loves her, but is he willing to be a part of the baby’s life?

Offering to help Gail with the kids, Michael takesMax to the Kabin. Whilst Michael pays for Max’s comic, he clocks Max stealing a toy. Max explains toMichael that he took the toy as his Mum always used to buy him a present on Lily’s birthday. MakingMax promise he won’t steal again, Michael agrees it can be their secret. Meanwhile when Michael assures Gail he no longer has feelings for Eileen, will Gail agree to give their relationship another go?

As Sonia half-heartedly searches the paper for a flat, Yasmeen assures her she’s welcome to stay as long as she likes and Sharif is forced to agree. Sharif tells Sonia that much as he cares about her, he’s not willing to risk his marriage. How will Sonia react to this?​​​

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