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EastEnders 02/08 - Kat tells Whitney about her dark childhood

by Francesca Menato ,
EastEnders 02/08 - Kat tells Whitney about her dark childhood© BBC Pictures

EastEnders Episode Guide - Friday 2nd August


Bianca desperately tries to stop Whitney from leaving but she tells her Tony's the only one who understood her and storms off.

Meanwhile, Kat is proving Alfie's point when she drags Carl down and alley.

The whole thing's too tacky for Carl.

Kat's left alone and notices the commotion with Whitney and tells Bianca she'll go after her.

She finds her going for a drink with a random guy and tries to advise her not to make the same mistakes she has.

With Whitney refusing to listen, Kat tells her the truth about just how similar they are.

Kat was abused as a child too - by her uncle Harry.

The women have a heart to heart and she tries to explain how she can't tell Bianca the truth about Tony.

Kat's not going to force her to come back but she's there if she needs someone...

Back home Tiffany questions Bianca on Tony and why Whitney's gone.

Will she be back?

Francesca Menato
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