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Eastenders 03/03 - It’s the day of Linda’s scan

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Eastenders 03/03 - It’s the day of Linda’s scan

Eastenders Episode Guide – Tuesday 3rd March


It’s the day of Linda’s scan but Linda isn’t looking forward to it. As everyone else leaves for the scan, Stan tells Nancy to stop sulking. At the hospital, Elaine and Lee are ecstatic to see the baby and hear everything is okay but it’s clear to Elaine that Mick and Linda are struggling. Worried about her daughter, Elaine confronts Linda who reveals she received a call to say her case has been referred to the CPS and she’s waiting to hear if Dean will be charged. As she opens up to her mum, Linda breaks down and reveals her fears.

Meanwhile, the pressure continues to grow for Kat when she learns Tommy is sick and has to fetch him from nursery. With Stacey at a job interview Kat has to leave the kids with a displeased Mo.

Elsewhere, it all gets too much for a helpless Kim. Realising she needs support, Kat takes her to The Vic but Mo soon arrives and annoyed at Kat she leaves the children with her. When Mick and Linda return they are horrified to find Kat behind the bar helping herself and the three children left unattended. After Tommy throws up, Linda demands Kim and Kat leave and she shares some harsh words with Kat. Back home, Stacey is left concerned when Kat continues to party despite their problems.

After an unsuccessful attempt to find her father, Sharon decides to visit Dot in prison but is left in shock when Dot refuses to accept her help and asks her not to visit again. Concerned, Sharon realises she needs to help Dot and tells Charlie and Roxy she’ll find the cash for a good lawyer.

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