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Eastenders 06/03 - A hungover Kat panics when Social Services call

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Eastenders 06/03 - A hungover Kat panics when Social Services call

Eastenders Episode Guide – Friday 6th March


A hungover Kat panics when Social Services call and tells her they need to visit despite Linda’s call to say it was a mistake. It’s not long before Kat receives a knock at the door...

Linda spots Stacey on Kat’s stall and is horrified to learn the social worker is visiting her. She quickly rushes over but manages to make things worse.

The events of last night play on Linda’s mind and she decides it’s time her and Mick get back to normal. When things don’t go to plan, Linda decides to recreate a picnic her and Mick had years ago and the two open up about their feelings.

Kim and Denise are relieved to learn the baby is on the mend but Kim’s good mood is cut short when she returns to the hospital and sees an “I love you, Daddy” bear. A panicked Kim quickly assumes it’s from Vincent. Kim crumbles under her secret and decides to tell Patrick the truth about Vincent.

Things continue to be tense between Roxy and Charlie and with Aleks stuck at work; the pair are forced to talk about what happened. Just as it becomes clear Roxy still has feelings for Charlie, the pair are interrupted by Aleks.

Over at Blades, Lola struggles to cope with the pressure leading Shirley to offer Stacey her job back. Stacey initially refuses but after realising it’s her only option, she returns to Blades.

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