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Eastenders 06/07 - Stacey is left stunned

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Eastenders 06/07 - Stacey is left stunned

Eastenders Episode Guide – Monday 6th July


Stacey is left stunned when Jean reveals she’s getting married to Ollie tomorrow and when Stacey questions if Jean’s taking her medication, the pair come to blows and Jean rushes off. Jean confides in Shirley about her run in with Stacey but Shirley encourages Jean to speak to her. Meanwhile, Martin encourages Stacey to open-up about her illness but as Stacey talks, they are interrupted by Jean and Shirley. Feeling bad about their argument, Stacey apologises to her mum and after a heart-to-heart, the pair go shopping to get Stacey and Lily dresses for the wedding. Back home, the day takes a turn when Jean spots the key round Stacey’s neck and begins to panic. A confused Stacey watches as her mum quickly leaves and tells Martin she’s more determined than ever to find out what the key opens.

After their night together, Tamwar continues to worry about Nancy’s seizures and encourages her to be honest with him. At his office, Nancy finally opens up about how stressed she is and he suggests she stays with the Masoods for a while. Nancy tells Lee about Tamwar’s offer but doesn’t quite get the reaction she was expecting when Lee storms off. Nancy later confronts Lee about his reaction and grows suspicious he’s hiding something.

It’s a new day and a new start for Carol and she begins by helping Max get his life back on track. However she is taken aback when she discovers he’s behind on his mortgage payments and after seeing how much he’s struggling, suggests he moves in with her and rents out his house. At the Butcher’s, Sonia continues to bicker with Carol about not including her in decisions. After reminiscing about their teenage years, Carol and Max decide to take a risk and go out for a ride on their dad’s old motorbike.

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