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EastEnders 06/09 - Phil's fighting for his life

by Francesca Menato ,
EastEnders 06/09 - Phil's fighting for his life© BBC Pictures

EastEnders Episode Guide - Friday 6th September


Max is released on bail but it's not looking good.

He promises his family he's innocent but the police say they have a key witness and have found the tool used in his house.

Lauren's wondering who he could have angered this much to set him up while Carol worries that the stress will have her reaching back for the bottle.

Max takes his family to the Vic and declares his innocence, but the girls don't want to be there.

On the way out Carl walks in and antagonises him, asking why he did it.

When he mentions Kirsty Max flies off the handle, not knowing the police are right there and arrest him again.

With Abi panicked over her father Lola keeps Jays secret, she tells him it's for her sake not his.

Shirley sneaks into Phils and takes money from the safe - what she thinks she's owed.

Kat continues to put pressure on Roxy to tell Alife about Ronnie.

She eventually does and Alfie can't believe it - she doesn't even know they're together now.

He is not happy - how does Kat feel? Will he and Roxy make it through this?

Francesca Menato
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