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Eastenders 07/02 - Stacey Discusses Jack With Max

by Pascale Day ,
Eastenders 07/02 - Stacey Discusses Jack With Max

Eastenders Episode Guide - Tuesday 7th February.


The Carters reach crisis point when Babe’s secret antics catch up with her with huge repercussions.

Meanwhile, Whitney confides in Lauren about Lee and with Lauren’s words on her mind, she confronts an upset Lee about his payslip who confesses the truth.

Kim tries to build bridges with Denise; apologising for her recent behaviour but Denise struggles to accept the apology. Elsewhere, Ricky and Amy return to school but Glenda soon realises an upsetting truth. Meanwhile, Stacey discusses Jack with Max. At the school, Shakil struggles with the gossip but Keegan suggests he distracts everyone with something else to talk about.​

Pascale Day
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