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Eastenders 09/12 – Shirley and Aunt Babe aren't happy

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Eastenders 09/12 – Shirley and Aunt Babe aren't happy

Eastenders Tuesday 9th December


Shirley and Aunt Babe aren’t happy when Tina announces that she and Tosh are moving away. When Tina leaves, Aunt Babe tells Shirley she has a plan for sorting out Tosh and Tina’s relationship. After learning that Sonia and Martin have split up, Tina goes to see Sonia to comfort her. Sonia worries that she can’t pay back the money that she stole from the Fat Blasters calendar and Tina offers her a way to pay it back. As Tina says goodbye to Sonia, Tosh sees the pair of them hugging.

Back at their flat, when Tosh learns of Tina’s plans to help Sonia pay off her debt, Tosh instantly assumes that something is going on between them and she lashes out. Outside, Aunt Babe is watching the house and rushes over when she hears screams, she struggles to open the door until Tina appears, bruised and bleeding.

It’s Peter’s 21st and Ian is still struggling to come to terms with what Peter did. Whilst going to Lucy’s grave with Bobby and Cindy, Peter bumps into Lauren and Abi. Cindy suggests they organize a party for Peter at The Albert. Cindy tries to persuade Ian to come to the party but he is too stubborn and tells them he is going to the choir rehearsal instead. At the party, Peter struggles to deal with having a party without Lucy and he slips back to Masood's, where he takes cocaine. When Masood returns and catches him with the drugs, Peter storms off. Peter heads home and bangs on the window, calling for Ian who sits inside ignoring him. Jane finds Peter and tries to stop him, but in a moment of temper, Peter bangs the window so hard it smashes...

Over at The Vic, Mick tries to talk to Linda about her decision. That night, Johnny sneaks home after falling off his bike but when Linda sees him she hugs him tightly which makes Mick all the sadder about her decision.

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