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Eastenders 10/11 - Jay Is Under Pressure

by Pascale Day ,
Eastenders 10/11 - Jay Is Under Pressure

Eastenders Episode Guide - Thursday 10th November.


Will is left disappointed by his birthday present, but Billy’s soon distracted when he is left to deal with an unimpressed important customer. Meanwhile, Jay is under pressure to find the money he owes forcing him to ask Billy for an advance on his wages, which he refuses. DespiteJay helping Will impress his dad, Billy stands his ground and refuses the advance forcing Jay to go to desperate lengths …

Denise is frustrated when Libby continues to interfere and picks her mum up on her unhealthy habits. Outside, Libby talks to Kathy about the situation who reminds her she had Ben at a late age and Denise is doing her best. However after seeing how rude Ben is, Libby turns to Donna for advice and after being reassured, she decides to prepare a healthy meal. As Patrick and Denise pretend to enjoy it, Libby reveals she’s planning to stay in Walford to help with the baby.

Elsewhere, Abi goes with Kathy to audition for the Walford Players Christmas Show but things are immediately off to a bad start when Kathy clashes with Geraldine who is overseeing the event. Unhappy that it’s going to be a talent show, Kathy speaks up but Geraldine kicks her out.

Desperate to buy her daughter a big birthday present, Roxy turns to Ronnie for a loan but she is frustrated when Ronnie refuses unless she helps Amy with her homework.​​​

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