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Eastenders 11/11 – Linda calls an abortion clinic

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Eastenders 11/11 – Linda calls an abortion clinic

Eastenders Episode Guide – Tuesday 11th November


At The Vic, Linda is looking at a pregnancy advice website but is interrupted by Mick bringing her breakfast in bed. After Mick leaves, Linda makes a phone call to an abortion clinic and books a telephone appointment for advice for 7pm. After bumping into Alfie, Mick reluctantly agrees to take the twins for a few hours to give Kat a break. Linda is reluctant to get close to the twins at first but eventually relaxes. Wanting to spend time alone with Linda, Mick suggests a date night and when Sharon invites them for a drink at The Albert they accept. However, once there Linda makes an excuse that she has a headache and they head home early for her phone call with the abortion clinic – what will Linda do?

Still afraid to go outside, Kat is left feeling alone when Mick and Linda are looking after the twins. However, when she realises that Bert doesn’t have his favourite toy she forces herself to go to The Vic. Nervous, Kat spots Stacey who awkwardly apologises for being distant but she convinces Kat to go for drinks at The Albert later and it’s not long before Kat is regaining her confidence. Alfie panics when he realises that Kat is out with Stacey and he goes to join them but in his panic, he ignores Mo’s phone calls. When they arrive home, they are horrified to discover Mo and the kids out on the street with all their belongings.

Fatboy continues to worry about Dot and asks Carol to check that everything is okay. It’s not long before Carol discovers that Nick is back. Dot assures Carol that everything is okay and Carol should stay away.

Pam is worried that Billy will go to the police. Aunt Babe is suspicious when Stan lies and tells her that he’s spending the day with Cora – what is he up to?

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