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Eastenders 11/2 - Patrick decides to move back in with Denise

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Eastenders 11/2 - Patrick decides to move back in with Denise

Eastenders Episode Guide – Thursday 11th February


It’s a new day and Patrick decides to move back in with Denise and Kim and Claudette come with him to try and cheer Denise up. But it isn’t long before the Police arrive with news on Jordan, he was taken to hospital but discharged himself, forcing her to make a big decision, she needs to find him. Later on, she goes to where he is living and is shocked to find him badly beaten.

Abi is unsettled after Babe raises questions about her relationship and she reveals Ben didn’t make it home. But Babe offers to become an unlikely ally and speak to Kathy. Kathy takes the bait and warns Paul off, clashing with Pam in the process, but Ben didn’t spend the night with him either, so where was he? Later on Pam, Paul and Kathy all apologise to each other and agree to go for a drink. Kathy has it out with Ben and Babe and Abi think their problem is sorted.

Martin goes to visit Stacey expecting her to be upset that he hasn’t taken Arthur and Lilly with him but is surprised by her response. An exhausted Martin is struggling to juggle supporting Stacey as well as Arthur and Lilly.

Nancy goes for her trial.

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