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Eastenders 11/3 - Ronnie drags Phil to the hospital

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Eastenders 11/3 - Ronnie drags Phil to the hospital

Eastenders Episode Guide – Friday 11th March


As Phil’s drunken behaviour continues, Ronnie drags him to the hospital and begs the doctor to help him. With Phil insisting to let him die, Ronnie realises it’s hopeless but outside reminds him that Mitchells don’t give up. With her own words resonating, Ronnie rushes home to find the venue of Jack and Delphine’s wedding and Honey sends Billy off to find a car. Billy soon arrives with a hearse and the pair head off to stop the wedding but things fall apart when the hearse breaks down. With only a few miles to go, a desperate Ronnie runs to the hotel to stop the wedding – but will she make it in time?

Back in the Square, Phil turns back to the bottle but starts to break down.

The dramatic fallout from mother’s day sends shockwaves through the Hubbard and Fox families. As everyone struggles to come to terms with what’s happened, certain residents are unwillingly forced to keep a dark secret but just how long until others start growing suspicious?

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