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Eastenders 12/02 - Lauren lets slip she knows what really happened to Lucy

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Eastenders 12/02 - Lauren lets slip she knows what really happened to Lucy

Eastenders Episode Guide – Thursday 12th February


Lauren lets slip to Stacey that she knows what really happened to Lucy. A shocked Stacey tells Lauren she needs to go to the police but instead, she returns home to try and break into Emma’s phone again. Later on, Lauren arrives at Stacey’s but is left horrified when DI Keeble rings the buzzer – Stacey has called the police.

Dot’s conflicted about what to do for Nick but she has a change of heart. Before walking away, Dot pleads with Nick to turn himself in and promises she’ll help her son. Later, a guilty Dot returns to Nick to apologise for her harsh words.

Meanwhile, Kat is left fuming when Alfie leaves her some leftovers from the lunch the day before. Stacey tells Kat she needs to make a decision about Alfie: forgive him or divorce him.

Elsewhere, it’s chaos over at the Beales as Jane and Ian prepare for their pre-wedding dinner. After a disaster in the kitchen, Jane storms out leaving Ian to wonder if he’s doing the right thing. Ian decides to help his son and pays a visit to Max to talk about Lauren but after an icy reception from Max, returns to the restaurant and confides in Masood. When Jane returns home, she finds a relaxed Ian on the sofa with cocktails and learns the pre-wedding dinner has been transformed to a close family and friends gathering at home – this is the man she loves.

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