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EastEnders 12/11 – Max stands trial for tampering with Carl’s car

by Alison Potter ,
EastEnders 12/11 – Max stands trial for tampering with Carl’s car© BBC Pictures

EastEnders Episode Guide – Tuesday 12th November


It’s the day of Max’s trial. Carl wants to share a taxi to court with Ian to ensure that he turns up, but is furious when Ian’s a no show. Max and the Branning family begin to feel hopeful, but Peter is worried about Ian’s whereabouts after finding a holdall full of Ian’s clothes.

Without Ian, the Judge decides there’s no case and an overwhelmed Max is found not guilty, leaving the Branning family feeling overjoyed.

Meanwhile a van stops on the edge of some wasteland and the doors are thrown open to reveal a bound and gagged Ian. And a grim-faced Max and Phil…

Janine is shocked that Michael’s body has been released for burial and hands all the responsibility of Michael’s funeral over to Alfie.

It’s Ava’s birthday and Cora brings her a card, making Sam feel guilty for forgetting.

Max gets taken to court © BBC Pictures
Max gets taken to court
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