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Eastenders 13/07 - A Nervous Bex Prepares For Her Performance

by Pascale Day ,
Eastenders 13/07 - A Nervous Bex Prepares For Her Performance

Eastenders Episode Guide - Thursday 13th July.


A nervous Bex prepares for her performance at the showcase but with Alexandra and Madison determined to cause trouble, will all go to plan? Meanwhile, Louise is annoyed when she gets stuck babysitting but after catching Denny with cigarettes and covering to Michelle, Denny tells her to sneak out.

Steven starts to realise something is going on with Lauren and grows increasingly paranoid at her intentions when he is unable to locate her. Believing she’s staying at Jack’s, Steven heads over there but is soon sent on his way leading him to think the worst. Steven snaps when Josh arrives.

Michelle goes on another date with Tom, unaware that Denny and Will have been left at home alone. Back at the Mitchell’s, Denny and Will get up to no good when they attempt to get revenge on Keegan but their prank goes wrong when Bernadette is the victim.

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