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Eastenders 13/11 – The pressure is on for Alfie

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Eastenders 13/11 – The pressure is on for Alfie

Eastenders Episode Guide – Thursday 13th November


The pressure is on for Alfie to find a new home after his family spends the night sleeping on Dean’s floor. Kat decides to go back to work and although nervous, she soon finds her feet and has a successful day. After work, Kat goes to The Vic to celebrate her first day but is upset to hear Alfie still hasn’t found anywhere for them to live but Donna offers her a solution. Kat offers to buy Stacey a drink but the mood soon changes when it becomes clear Stacey has a problem with Alfie. The two come to blows and Kat tells a mortified Stacey she is no longer a part of their family.

At The Vic, Sonia announces that Pam has sold the most calendars and how much they have raised for charity. In the toilets, an upset Sonia confides in Linda and tells her that she’s worried Martin no longer loves her. Linda offers some words of encouragement but when Sonia leaves The Vic, she tears up the charity cheque and makes a phone call to book an appointment – what is she up to?

Aunt Babe follows Stan to try and find out what he’s up to. Back at The Vic, Babe tells Stan if he doesn’t tell his family the truth then she will. What is Stan hiding?

Emma isn’t happy when she learns of the outcome of her job. She goes to The Vic and drunkenly tells Max she’s ready to move in with him but they soon argue and Emma storms out of The Vic.

Sharon continues to worry about Linda’s behaviour and asks if everything is okay but Linda shrugs her off.

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