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Eastenders 16/04 - Aleks’ day continues to spiral

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Eastenders 16/04 - Aleks’ day continues to spiral

Eastenders Episode Guide – Thursday 16th April


Aleks’ day continues to spiral when Tamwar confronts him over his discovery leading Aleks to take desperate measures and fire Tamwar.

Elsewhere, a grieving Carol is faced with going through Jim’s belongings alone after Max refuses to help. At The Vic, she is disappointed to learn that Tina and Sonia have gone out and got matching tattoos and with the pressure building, Carol finally breaks and pushes Jim’s belongings to the floor. Worried about her mum, Sonia returns home and Carol finally comes clean about her worries.

Meanwhile, Phil reminds Jay he’s a Mitchell and can’t tell Max the truth. However when Max apologises to Jay for his behaviour, Jay takes a risk and comes clean …

Elsewhere in Albert Square, Shabnam and Kush disagree over their future despite previous conversations and after watching Nancy and Tamwar kiss, Shabnam makes a shocking decision.

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