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Eastenders 16/12 – Kat's desperate plea fails

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Eastenders 16/12 – Kat's desperate plea fails

Eastenders Episode Guide – Tuesday 16th December

Kat’s desperate plea to the landlord to let her family stay in the flat is unsuccessful and they are told to be out by lunchtime. When Kat refuses to leave, the police turn up and Mick asks Stacey to help. Stacey eventually manages to get through to Kat and the defeated Moon family finally walk away from the flat. Mick and Linda offer them a bed for the night at The Vic.

DI Keeble tells Emma that there was suspicious activity on Lucy’s social media accounts following her death. Keeble tasks Emma with obtaining the laptop and after Lauren makes a reference about Lucy’s death, Emma decides to hand the laptop over.

Meanwhile, Ian pleads with Lauren to speak with Peter.

Yvonne and Nick continue to bond when Yvonne feels like Ronnie is getting in the way of her relationship with her son. Ian meets with Charlie and Ronnie and discuss money to get rid of Nick.

Stacey continues to grow fond of Dean and after he offers to look after Lily whilst she helps Kat, they officially become a couple.

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