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Eastenders 17/03 - Tina grows ever frustrated at Stan’s behaviour

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Eastenders 17/03 - Tina grows ever frustrated at Stan’s behaviour

Eastenders Episode Guide – Tuesday 17th March


Tina grows ever frustrated at Stan’s behaviour and when he demands to go in to a care home, Tina pleads with Shirley to find the money to give back to him. When she refuses, Tina takes a chance and makes a call asking for help … Back at the hospital, Sonia can see through Stan’s behaviour and later on, suggests to an angry Tina that a hospice may be the best option. After a final attempt to get through to Stan, Tina finally snaps. As Tina storms out, Aunt Babe returns but can she get through to Stan? Feeling guilty, Tina returns to the Square and bumps in to Sonia. With the tension high, the pair share a passionate kiss …

Meanwhile, Martin continues to struggle with Rebecca’s behaviour and when she gets sent home from school, he finally gives in and asks Sonia for help. Sonia comes up with an idea to get through to Rebecca and the pair return home together to talk to their daughter. Feeling united with his ex-wife, Martin reveals to Kush that he thinks it could work between them again and goes to find Sonia.

Over at the Market, Fatboy and Donna continue to bond when he offers to drive her to a routine hospital appointment and stays with her. Elsewhere, Shabnam returns to work but is left upset when she spots Kush buying some flowers for a mystery person. Is he moving on already?

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