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Eastenders 18/02 - Christian surprise Jane when he arrives for her wedding

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Eastenders 18/02 - Christian surprise Jane when he arrives for her wedding

Eastenders Episode Guide – Wednesday 18th February


Christian surprise Jane when he arrives for her wedding. Tanya also returns for the wedding.

Jane is thrown into turmoil after she discovers the card left by Lauren. Elsewhere, Ian wants to know what Phil desperately needs to talk to him about but they are soon interrupted. As the wedding begins, Peter discovers the truth about Lauren’s whereabouts and quickly leaves. Chilled by her discovery, Jane struggles to finish her vows and panics when she realises Peter has gone to find Lauren. Will Jane say yes?

Meanwhile, Max follows Lauren but Lauren doesn’t reveal her news. However, when Peter arrives, Lauren is forced to tell him the truth; she knows what happened to Lucy.

As the wedding continues, the pressure becomes unbearable for Jane and she rushes out. When Ian realises Jane is missing, he quickly runs home …

Back at the wedding, Alfie grows annoyed with Kat’s drunken behaviour and heads back inside – has Alfie given up on Kat? Stacey suggests to Kat they try and fix up their old home and takes matters into her own hands …

Elsewhere, Dot heads to the hospital and insists on speaking to Ronnie. As she begs for forgiveness, Dot reveals all to her family and admits that Nick is dead.

Reunited with her husband, Sharon demands answers from Phil – where has he been?

Mick and Linda seem to be back on track but Mick is left horrified when Dean returns to Albert Square.

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