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Eastenders 18/05 - The Pressure Rises For Denise

by Pascale Day Published on 09/05/2017 at 01:30
Eastenders 18/05 - The Pressure Rises For Denise

Eastenders Episode Guide - Thursday 18th May.


Whitney tries to distract herself and tells Johnny she’s going shopping but when she forgets her purse, Woody goes to find her. At the shopping centre, Woody is shocked by what he sees.

The pressure rises for Denise and unable to afford food, she is left with no choice but to visit the food bank. As an uneasy Denise arrives, she gets a shock when she realises Cora works there and embarrassed, flees.

Elsewhere, Ian works hard to lose weight but will his hard work pay off?​​

Pascale Day
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