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EastEnders 19/07 - Michael and Janine play happy families

by Francesca Menato Published on 9 July 2013
EastEnders 19/07 - Michael and Janine play happy families© BBC Pictures

EastEnders Episode Guide - Friday 19th July


Janine throws Scarlett a lavish birthday party, much to Michael's horror.

However, unknowingly she's invited people from her old playgroup putting Michael back in poll position.

The two of them then start to get along and even enjoy one another's company.

After Janine sees a photo of the three of them as a family she freaks out and storms off - Michael is getting to her.

Roxy is desperate for Alfie to tell Kat about the engagement - she wants to shout it from the rooftops.

Ian tries manipulating Lucy again but she works it out - she can't believe they have to live together.

Meanwhile Ian and Bianca are horrified when Bobby and Tiffany make friends.

Janine can't handle playing happy families © BBC Pictures
Francesca Menato
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