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EastEnders 19/11 – Alfie and Kat attend Michael’s funeral

by Alison Potter ,
EastEnders 19/11 – Alfie and Kat attend Michael’s funeral© BBC Pictures

EastEnders Episode Guide – Tuesday 19th November


It’s the day of Michael’s funeral and Kat and Alfie are the only ones who attend. They both lean on one another as they struggle with their emotions…

Janine misses the funeral, but later goes to the graveyard alone to say goodbye.

Joey visits Alice in prison and he tells her that Janine won’t admit that Alice is innocent, causing a distressed Alice to realise that no one can help her.

Joey goes to see Janine with a bottle of wine - seemingly with some kind of plan… As they talk and drink, Janine breaks down and Joey comforts her. Suddenly the chemistry between them turns to passion…

Ian can’t believe it when Carl tells him that the debt has been settled by Phil and he’s also shocked when Denise tells him that things are not over between them.

Shirley’s sister Tina causes trouble in the Minute Mart and Shirley steps in. Unaware they are sisters, Denise is grateful and offers Shirley some shifts. Shirley thinks she’s rid of Tina but Tina’s here to stay…

Kat and Alfie attend Michael's funeral © BBC Pictures
Kat and Alfie attend Michael's funeral
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