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Eastenders 21/08 – Emma goes to arrest Charlie

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Eastenders 21/08 – Emma goes to arrest Charlie© BBC Pictures

Eastenders Episode Guide – Thursday 21st August ​


Emma goes to arrest Charlie for impersonating a policeman. With Yvonne worried that Charlie’s closeness with Dot will bring Nick back into their lives Charlie promise to stop seeing Dot. However, it seems they are too late when Charlie’s car is vandalised and it’s clear Nick is responsible.

Denise is apprehensive when Ian arranges appointments for them to see some care homes for Patrick. Later, Denise apologises to Shabnam and opens up to her about how guilty she feels. Shabnam manages to make Denise feel more comfortable with her decision, making her ready to view the homes.

Whitney continues to worry that Lee is using her but he manages to change her mind and the couple end up sleeping together.

Peter is still distant with Lola, but seems to make a romantic gesture when he invites her to lunch, only to spy on Lauren’s date with Dean. Lauren and Dean’s date seems to be going well until he turns Lola down for a job at Blades causing Lauren to leave and leaving Dean humiliated.

Emma goes to arrest Charlie © BBC Pictures
Emma goes to arrest Charlie
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