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Eastenders 21/1 - Stacey fears for Arthur’s safety

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Eastenders 21/1 - Stacey fears for Arthur’s safety

Eastenders Episode Guide – Thursday 21st January


Stacey fears for Arthur’s safety and seeks refuge with Kush and Shabnam but the pair are alarmed by her erratic behaviour. Their concerns continue to grow when Stacey tells them she needs to go to a church for protection and she believes Martin was sent by the devil to hurt Arthur. Meanwhile, Martin tries to find Stacey but he is soon confronted by Jean who demands answers about why Martin didn’t seek help sooner. When Martin receives a call from Kush about Stacey’s whereabouts, Jean encourages him to call a doctor but Martin insists on speaking to Stacey first so she can realise she needs help for herself.

Shabnam tries to talk to Stacey. Martin soon arrives and he encourages her to look him in the eye. After a lucid moment when Stacey asks if she’s ill, Martin convinces Stacey the hospital is the only place she can go with Arthur that’s safe and she allows him to embrace her. As Stacey packs, Jean fears that Arthur might not be able to stay with Stacey and encourages Martin to be honest but Jean soon realises getting her to the hospital is more important. As Jean worries for Stacey, Martin takes her and Arthur to hospital – but will he convince Stacey to go in?

As the gossip about Stacey begins, a protective Kat throws her drink over Belinda but realising she’s upset, Belinda follows and the pair have a heart-to-heart. Kat reveals the truth about her other twin baby and Belinda shares a memory.

Paul and Ben rebuild their fraught relationship but Abi soon turns up spoiling their plans.

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