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Eastenders 22/09 - Marcus panics when Max refuses to listen

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Eastenders 22/09 - Marcus panics when Max refuses to listen

Eastenders Episode Guide – Tuesday 22nd September


Marcus panics when Max refuses to listen to his advice and he turns to Carol for help, though she is less than willing. As the day's proceedings begin, Phil grows frustrated when Ben is torn apart on the stand and after warning Marcus to stop his accusations, Phil is asked to leave. Max prepares to take to the stand but once he’s on the stand, Marcus once more brings up Abi causing Max to snap he needs to leave his daughter alone - is there no hope for Max? Back home, Carol is stunned to find Robbie waiting for her.

At The Vic, a separated Sharon and Phil are drawn together when Marsden arrives and warns them she knows they're hiding something. Over at the Beale's, Sharon checks in on Jane and grows increasingly worried about her distracted behaviour. After she leaves, Marcus walks in and ensures Jane is all set for tomorrow - what are they planning?

Vincent is unimpressed when Ronnie gives him the cold shoulder for seemingly no reason,

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