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EastEnders 22/10 – Ian is worried about lying in court

by Alison Potter Published on 15 October 2013
EastEnders 22/10 – Ian is worried about lying in court© BBC Pictures

EastEnders Episode Guide – Tuesday 22nd October


Ian receives his court summons in the post and Carl visits the restaurant to make sure he has his false witness statement straight.

The pressure mounts as Ian feels increasingly guilty about lying, especially after learning how bad the Brannings’ money situation is and hearing Peter tell him that he’s doing the right thing by telling the truth. Will Ian be able to keep his cool?

Whitney is suspended by the head teacher, despite the fact that Ava believes she didn’t hurt Dennis. Is this the end of her teaching career?

Michael sneaks into Janine’s house and uses Janine’s credit card to order some pills. What is he up to?

Worried over the family’s financial troubles, Lauren steps up and helps Joey at the car lot but is quickly deflated when she scares a customer away.

Ian panics about having to lie in court © BBC Pictures
Alison Potter
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