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Eastenders 22/12 – Stacey is troubled by Linda's behaviour

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Eastenders 22/12 – Stacey is troubled by Linda's behaviour

Eastenders Episode Guide – Monday 22nd December


Stacey is troubled by Linda’s behaviour around Dean and continues to push her for information but Linda assures Stacey nothing is wrong. As the raffle takes place at The Vic, Mick announces Linda is pregnant much to Linda’s surprise. However, when Dean arrives Stacey immediately notices Linda’s behaviour changes. Stacey goes upstairs to talk to Linda and as she opens up about her own past ordeal, a transfixed Linda can only nod which confirms Stacey’s suspicions – Dean raped her.

Emma goes to meet Bryant after he tells her he has some new information. Lauren hands her the envelope that has been posted through their door. Sitting in her car, Emma opens the envelope to discover a USB stick containing a video from the night Lucy was murdered … has she found Lucy’s killer?

Jane is left to run the café alone when Ian fails to turn up. Surprised by Ian’s act of kindness, Jane spontaneously kisses him – are Jane’s feelings for Ian resurfacing?

Dot returns home and is shocked to find Yvonne and Nick rekindling their romance…

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