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Eastenders 22/12 - Tensions remain high in Albert Square

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Eastenders 22/12 - Tensions remain high in Albert Square

Eastenders Episode Guide – Tuesday 22nd December


Tensions remain high in Albert Square as a livid Vincent and Kim struggle to come to terms with Phil’s latest act. As the terrifying situation continues to escalate, Vincent and a drunken Phil come to blows forcing truths and secrets to come to light. Just how far will Vincent go to protect his family?

Shabnam begins to grow distant from Kush and turns to Masood for advice – is Shabnam starting to realise something is going on? Meanwhile, the tension grows between Stacey and Kush when Kush reveals he didn’t tell Shabnam the truth about the baby. Martin spots the exchange forcing Kush to cover and reveal Shabnam’s upsetting news. At the Nativity rehearsals, Shabnam is taken back when Kush, Stacey and Martin all arrive together and know of Shabnam’s news. Fed up of Stacey’s interference, Shabnam tells Stacey to back off causing an argument between the pair.

Shirley takes Jade to visit Father Christmas at The Vic but when she realises it’s Mick, she tries to distract Jade with other activities. However a persistent Jade finally convinces her to let her see Father Christmas and they return to The Vic. Shirley is touched by Mick and Jade’s meeting but it’s clear there is still a long way for her and Mick to go.

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