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Eastenders 22/8 - Billy Confronts Jay About His Behaviour

by Pascale Day ,
Eastenders 22/8 - Billy Confronts Jay About His Behaviour

Eastenders Episode Guide - Monday 22nd August.


Buster and Kathy sneak into Beale’s restaurant together but Kathy soon gives Buster a reality check about their situation. Worried about losing her, Buster tells her it’s time he came clean to Shirley –Kathy is who he wants to be with – will he go through with it? Later on, Kathy spots an angry Shirley– does she know the truth?

Ian receives a call from Steven and rushes to the restaurant to find the kitchen equipment has been stolen. Things go from bad to worse for Ian when the police look at the security tapes and Ian spots something suspicious …

Billy arrives home to find Jay has made a state of the flat and confronts him about his behaviour. Ben soon arrives and when Jay’s story doesn’t add up, it becomes clear that Jay is up to more than he is letting on. Honey returns with Will and Janet and Jay surprises Will with a new game console leadingHoney to grow suspicious. Despite his own concerns, Billy covers for Jay but realising what is really going on, Billy later kicks Jay out. As Jay promises to fix things, Honey discovers the drugs.

Feeling under pressure with Sylvie, Sonia comes up with a plan to seek help from the rest of theCarters and invites them round for dinner. Martin arrives at Sonia’s and is surprised that Tina isn’t helping and he tells Sonia she shouldn’t stand for it. Elsewhere, Carmel tells Denise that they need to stop Masood from leaving Walford and comes up with a plan.​​​

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