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Eastenders 23/06 – Ronnie makes a decision about her life

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Eastenders 23/06 – Ronnie makes a decision about her life© ITV Pictures

Eastenders Episode Guide – Monday 23rd June ​


An upbeat Ronnie has relationship problems when Charlie questions her silence and she agrees to meet him for a drink later. However, when she finds herself caught up in a dispute between Phil and Shirley, she is forced to reconsider her priorities as the truth about her life dawns on her. After a heart to heart, Phil realises just how messed up Ronnie is when she reveals she has a gun.

It’s Tina and Tosh’s first appointment at the fertility clinic but Tina is late to meet Tosh as she’s been helping Sonia. Desperate to make amends, Tina tells Sonia they can’t be close anymore and persuades Tosh she wants a baby. However, their joy is short lived when they are faced with the prospect of financing a course of IVF.

At The Vic Linda continues to smother Johnny following Sharon’s attack. Later, Nancy discovers Johnny has been hiding the fact he has failed some of his exams. Nancy persuades him to come clean to Mick and Linda.

Billy is on a mission to get the locals signed up to Janet’s sponsored swim and Mick agrees to take part, despite the fact that he can’t swim and is petrified of water. At the Moons’ Kat and Alfie think Kat has gone into premature labour. After a false alarm Alfie turns to Terry for help in making some extra money before the twins arrive.

Ronnie makes a decision about her life © ITV Pictures
Ronnie makes a decision about her life
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