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Eastenders 23/5 - Bobby strikes again

by Pascale Day ,
Eastenders 23/5 - Bobby strikes again© BBC Pictures

Eastenders Episode Guide - Thursday 12th May.


Stacey and Martin’s wedding celebrations continue but all hell soon breaks loose after Bobby strikes again leaving Jane fighting for her life. Things grow even worse for the Beale’s when Bobby arrives at The Vic and in front of everyone, admits what he did to Jane. With Jane’s life hanging in the balance, Ian is faced with a tough decision – will he continue to protect Bobby?

Meanwhile, Roxy arrives at The Vic looking for Amy but despite Ronnie’s request to keep an eye on her, Jack sends her on her way. Outside, Linda encourages Roxy to open up aboutDean but she is shut down.

Ronnie spots Andy fleeing the Square and invites him back to hers to talk. Jack soon arrives to say Roxy has gone. Louise tells Bex that everything is okay between them. ​​

© BBC Pictures
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