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Eastenders 24/03 - Cindy continues to question her role as a mother

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Eastenders 24/03 - Cindy continues to question her role as a mother

Eastenders Episode Guide – Tuesday 24th March


Cindy continues to question her role as a mother when it is clear that Jane has bonded with Beth whilst they’ve been away and when Jane beats her to the morning feed Cindy wonders whether Beth actually needs her. Later, unable to cope, Cindy confides in Liam about her predicament and he encourages her to step up prompting Cindy to collect Beth from nursery and spend the afternoon with her. However, her plan backfires and when Jane and Ian hit the roof leaving Cindy to resort to desperate measures.

Sharon’s search for her biological father continues and with Linda’s support she visits the solicitor, Margaret Midhurst, who handled her adoption. Margaret tells Sharon that Den specifically asked to adopt Sharon, forcing Linda to speculate as to whether Den could have been her biological father and the result of an affair. Later, assured by Margaret that Den wasn’t her biological dad Sharon is lead to believe that he could have been closer to home than she imagined…

Alfie does his best to support Kat and the boys and when they’re faced with more money worries as well as having to buy a new buggy for the twins. Alfie later swallows his pride and accepts a job cleaning the market.

Across the Square the battle lines are drawn between Roxy and Ineta with Ineta refusing to go to school; however, Roxy soon discovers why Ineta is being so defiant when she finds some bruises on her arm.

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