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Eastenders 24/03 - Nancy prepares for Ollie’s return home

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Eastenders 24/03 - Nancy prepares for Ollie’s return home

Eastenders Episode Guide - Wednesday 24th March


Nancy prepares for Ollie’s return home and organises an Easter egg hunt in the Square – a Carter family tradition. With Ollie back home, Mick questions if he’s changed but Linda grows annoyed at Mick’s negativity and insists Ollie is fine. Worried that Linda is in denial, Mick turns to Honey and Billy for advice and Honey talks about her feelings when she learnt Janet suffered from Down’s syndrome. Mick returns to The Vic with Honey and tells Linda they need to accept Ollie might have changed but an angry Linda asks Honey to go. With the pressure growing, Mick storms downstairs and throws everyone out – the party is over. As the truth that Ollie might have changed sinks in for Linda, Mick tells a devastated Nancy he blames her and can never forgive her.

Honey is annoyed at Phil and tells Billy he needs to go. However after seeing how well he gets on with Janet, Honey tells Phil he can stay providing he doesn’t drink. Both are surprised when Phil happily agrees.

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