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Eastenders 24/6 - Ronnie is shaken by Dot’s discovery

by Pascale Day ,
Eastenders 24/6 - Ronnie is shaken by Dot’s discovery

Eastenders Episode Guide - Friday 24th June


Ronnie is shaken by Dot’s discovery but by the time she returns home, Jack has left to take Amy over to Roxy’s leaving her alone to confront Andy. As Ronnie questions Andy, he is quick to cover but will Ronnie believe him and is she in danger?

Meanwhile, a downbeat Jay overhears Honey and Billy talk about him leading Billy to admit that parents at the school disagree with the living arrangements. Desperate, Jay heads over to Roxy’s and after Jack leaves, begs her to give him the drugs – he needs the cash.

Shocked by Masood’s actions, Denise explains she was encouraging him to take things forward withCarmel and not her. Kush tries to distract Martin as Shakil and Bex share a kiss. At The Vic, Shirley confronts Pam about the cost of Peggy’s funeral. Upset, Pam points the finger at Babe leaving everyone confused…

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