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Eastenders 25/05 - Kush and Shabnam celebrate their engagement

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Eastenders 25/05 - Kush and Shabnam celebrate their engagement

Eastenders Episode Guide – Monday 25th May


As Kush and Shabnam celebrate their engagement, Masood bumps into Shirley leading to further doubts that his daughter is telling the truth about the baby. With the pressure building, Masood demands to know the truth forcing Shabnam to finally come clean to her dad. Furious, Masood storms over to Dean’s and Shabnam pleads him not to confront Dean. As the truth comes out, Masood and Shabnam’s relationship feels the strain as they exchange some tough home truths. When alone, Fatima and Masood open up about their troubles and Fatima drops a huge bombshell – the baby wasn’t adopted, she was fostered and she knows where it is.

Elsewhere, Kim and Donna come to blows when she mistakenly thinks Donna is on a date with Vincent. After they exchange some harsh words, Kim takes drastic action. Kim’s fury continues to grow when Vincent carries her back home and she later tells an annoyed Denise and Shirley she’s going to the police and reporting him for assault. Later on, Vincent arrives at Kim’s door to apologise but as the pair begin to talk, the police arrive and arrest a shocked Vincent. Kim promises she didn’t call the police but is she telling the truth?

Over at The Vic, Stacey has a proposition for Martin but he immediately takes it the wrong way and she quickly changes her mind. Martin soon apologies for his flirty behaviour and Stacey agrees to let him move into her spare room as a friend. However it’s clear Martin wants more and he tells Kush he’ll be marrying Stacey within the year. Meanwhile, Shabnam and Kush share their happy news.

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