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Eastenders 25/11 – Bobby goes missing

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Eastenders 25/11 – Bobby goes missing

Eastenders Episode Guide – Tuesday 25th November


Ian and Jane are frantic with worry as Bobby is missing but DI Keeble assures them that they are doing everything they can to find him. Later on, Carol turns up with some hopeful news – Bobby has sent a video message to Tiffany. Growing ever worried about Bobby’s whereabouts, Jane and Ian are relieved when they get a call from Masood who has found Bobby. Jane's relief to have Bobby home soon turns to concern when she discovers a folder full of press cuttings about Lucy’s murder. Bobby reveals that he was just trying to help with the investigation and wants to move back to Albert Square.

Patrick is distraught to discover that the council are taking away his allotment. Denise promises she’ll look into it but is distracted by the worry of looking for a job. Denise later arrives home to find Patrick on the phone and assuming he's betting again, Denise snaps. However she is shocked and upset when Patrick admits he was on phone to social services – he can’t bear to see Denise struggling and wants to go into a care home. Denise is insistent that she won't let it happen. Determined to help Patrick, Denise heads to the allotment to see if she can sort it out and prevent Patrick from losing it. She's ecstatic when she realises how much produce Patrick has grown but it doesn't last long as she is shocked to discover Lucy's mobile phone and wallet.

Sonia is preparing to go on a trip to Hastings for a course but is thrown when Pam starts asking questions about where she is staying. After saying goodbye to her mum and arriving at the tube, Sonia asks for a ticket all the way to Stansted Airport – where is she really off to?

Ben is put on the spot when Sharon asks him and Jay to help Johnny at The Albert. Jay reminds Ben that it was Lee who attacked him and he should make amends with Johnny. Later on, Ben and Johnny chat in the café and two clear the air.

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