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Eastenders 26/2 - Nancy is upset

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Eastenders 26/2 - Nancy is upset

Eastenders Episode Guide – Friday 26th February


At The Vic, Nancy is upset when Mick surprises Lee with a brand new car. However, the day quickly takes a turn for Lee when Whitney finally comes clean about kissing Mick – but how will he react? Meanwhile, Babe receives a suspicious package - what is she up to?

Jane and Kathy’s hearts break for Ian when Beale’s restaurant is nominated for restaurant of the year but he still insists on selling. After some persuasion from Kathy, Jane comes up with an idea to change Ian’s mind but will her plan work?

It’s the day of Paul’s birthday party and Abi finds herself being pulled in by Babe to help – however Babe seems to have other ideas in mind…

Dot decides to go and visit Stacey and the pair have a heart-to-heart over everything that happened. Stacey opens up to Dot but Dot quickly puts her fears to rest.

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