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Eastenders 27/02 - Sharon is joined by Linda

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Eastenders 27/02 - Sharon is joined by Linda

Eastenders Episode Guide – Friday 27th February


On her mum’s doorstep, Sharon is joined by Linda and they go inside. Sharon is unable to tell her half-brother who she really is so Linda covers for her and they decide to leave as quickly as possible.

In the Café, Sharon confesses to Linda she thinks she’d have been happier if her mum hadn’t given her up - she feels like an outsider in the Mitchell family. The two discuss being mothers and remind one another that they hold their families together. Thankful to have each other, they return to the Square galvanised.

Elaine is holding court in The Vic when Linda returns and asks for a word with Mick and Nancy.

Sharon returns home and decides to take charge of her problems.

Emmy Griffiths
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