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Eastenders 27/11 – Denise is horrified by her discovery

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Eastenders 27/11 – Denise is horrified by her discovery

Eastenders Episode Guide – Thursday 27th November


Denise is horrified by her discovery but she's not the only one as on his way to deliver Denise some soup from Patrick, Jay realises what she has found and immediately calls Ben. Denise rushes back to tell Patrick. Not knowing how to deal with the news, Denise seeks advice from Masood and the pair decide they must tell Ian the truth.

DI Keeble routinely checks up on Ben and starts to ask questions about where he was on Good Friday. Things grow worse for Ben when he discovers that Denise has Lucy’s belongings and he tells Jay they have to get them back to destroy any evidence. With Denise at Masood’s, Jay visits Patrick and under the pretence of tidying the house he manages to slip the phone and wallet into a bin bag and leaves. However, Denise soon returns to find the wallet and phone missing and quickly follows Jay and manages to get them back, much to Ben and Jay’s horror.

Elsewhere, Ian and Jane argue over Bobby’s announcement that he wants to move back to Albert Square. Jane reveals that she knows about Ian and Rainie and can’t trust him anymore. Furious at Ian’s pleas, Jane goes to seek advice from Sharon but ends up confiding in Phil. Back at the Beales, Ian asks Cindy to speak to Jane and ask her to stay, suggesting she could help with Beth. Jane arrives and tells Bobby and Ian that she’s decided to move back to The Square but will find somewhere else to live. Their happy moment doesn’t last for long however when Denise and Masood turn up at the front door - there’s something Ian needs to see.

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