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EastEnders 28/11 – Ava worries about Sam

by Alison Potter Published on 19 November 2013
EastEnders 28/11 – Ava worries about Sam© BBC Pictures

EastEnders Episode Guide – Thursday 28th November


Its Dexter’s 21st birthday and Sam takes Dexter to the pool hall, leaving Ava at home feeling left out and having to sort out the party.

Later, Dexter’s friends arrive, and Sam says he will see him back at home. When Dexter comes home alone, Ava realises Sam is missing and starts to worry.

Sam eventually returns home with Laura, the nurse that Dexter had been flirting with at the hospital. But Laura accidentally tells Ava some shocking news and Sam is panicked when he realises his secret is out…

Ava worries about where Sam has gone © BBC Pictures
Alison Potter
Alison Potter
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