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EastEnders 29/10 – Michael goes to Janine’s house for dinner

by Alison Potter ,
EastEnders 29/10 – Michael goes to Janine’s house for dinner© BBC Pictures

EastEnders Episode Guide – Tuesday 29th October


Michael arrives at Janine’s with the pills and both Michael and Janine try to work out if the other is playing games. As Janine leaves the room Michael is given the perfect opportunity to put the pills in Janine’s drink, but Michael suddenly can’t go through with it.

Back at home and angry for missing his big opportunity, Michael is shocked when Alice returns home and tells him that she wants to help him get rid of Janine once and for all…

Alfie invites Ronnie and Phil for dinner and the evening is even more awkward than anyone expected. Roxy is gutted when Alfie tries to end the evening early, but surprisingly Ronnie and Alfie end up bonding. Will they be able to keep playing happy families?

Later Ronnie bumps into Alfie and Kat in the café and she’s unnerved to see how intimately they still act together.

​Billy is annoyed when Danny and the rest of the football team tease him, so he comes up with an idea when he sees the money the team has raised for Dot’s church roof fund in Danny’s locker…

Carol is concerned about spending time alone with David when he flirtily suggests he cooks dinner for the two of them.

Michael goes to Janine's for dinner © BBC Pictures
Michael goes to Janine's for dinner
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