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Eastenders 3/12 - Tensions continue to grow at the Mitchell’s

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Eastenders 3/12 - Tensions continue to grow at the Mitchell’s

Eastenders Episode Guide – Thursday 3rd December


Tensions continue to grow at the Mitchell’s when Ben and Abi reveal they’re looking for somewhere else to live. After Kathy comes to blows with Phil over his treatment of Ben, Sharon steps up and tells Phil she will help him stop drinking and determined to bring her family back together she organises a family Christmas card photoshoot to which Phil reluctantly agrees. Just as things are looking up, Phil pulls Sharon in for a kiss and she realises he’s been drinking again leaving her with a tough decision.

Elsewhere, Shabnam and Stacey await the results of the pregnancy test and are left with mixed emotions when they learn it’s negative. The pair are interrupted when Jean surprises Stacey and offers to take her shopping. Worried about her behaviour, Kush confronts Shabnam forcing her to admit the truth – she thought she was pregnant. Outside, Carmel spots Kush arguing with Stacey for not telling him about the test and grows suspicious. Later on, Carmel visits Stacey and has an alarming realisation.

Ian begins to have doubts about the Christmas Tree but finds himself stuck forcing him to turn to Mick for help with money. Kim is left upset when Vincent demands she takes the Christmas decorations down. Jane suggests Kathy and Bobby switch rooms to give her and Ian more privacy but Bobby gets upset by the suggestion.

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