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Eastenders 30/04 - Kat and Alfie open up about their feelings

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Eastenders 30/04 - Kat and Alfie open up about their feelings

Eastenders Episode Guide – Thursday 30th April


Later on, Kat pulls a sickie at work and meets Alfie in the park for a picnic where the pair open up about their feelings. Kat reveals she wants to get back together with Alfie. Later on, a broken Kat arrives at a convent where it all began ready to face her past…

Whilst the Mitchells rejoice in getting the Arches back, an unimpressed Sharon threatens to walk away from Phil if he doesn’t clean up his act. Sharon’s suspicions grow when she learns Phil has met with Ritchie and later on demands to know the truth about what’s going on.
Meanwhile, Max’s day goes from bad to worse when he bumps into Abi and sees that Phil has bought her a new car after she gets a job.

Elsewhere, Martin is left disappointed when a hungover Stacey tells him they’re just friends but later sees a glimmer of hope when she helps him look for a flat. Whitney agrees to hide Stan’s money after Lee reveals he’s worried what the money would do to his family.

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